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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY Crayon Melts with Words


I have seen these crayon melt art canvases all over the crafty world and Pinterest world. There are a bunch of variations, so I decided to share my own method of the making this project. :)

For my version I used:

  • 12x12 white canvas
  • two packs of 24 crayons (really cheap if you buy on back-to-school sales)
  • a pack of vinyl letters or any sticker letters really(I’ve seen some at a dollar store too!)
  • spray paint to give my white canvas a different background color (you may be able to use acrylic paints too)
  • a hot glue gun to glue my crayons to the top of my canvas
  • a heat gun (mine is a Darice Heat Tool) (I’ve seen this attempted with a blow dryer also)
  • outside space safe for spray painting fumes and possible splatters



Put your sticker letters down to spell out whatever word you want. Spray paint the whole canvas and sides. Note that your letters will be what color the canvas was originally (so if you want a different color letter, spray paint the canvas before adding the letters and spray paint in a second color over the letters).


These letters actually were not that great at all for keeping fully stuck during the spray painting stage, so they leaked under the letters, giving me a not “clean lined” finish look. I wouldn’t try this brand letters for spray painting if you want extra crisp letters. Because my letters got shriveled during the painting part, I replaced them with fresh sticker letters for the melting part.

I organized my crayons in a rainbow pattern ( I love rainbow!) with white crayons on either edge (I thought it would give it good contrast against the black on the sides), but you can use any color scheme or pattern you like. Then I hot glued them down one by one onto the top of the canvas.

Lastly, MELT with your heat gun! Start heating from the bottom of the candle and move up the candle as it melts. We melted for about 10 minutes. You can make the crayons melt in a pattern or randomly. I wanted an extra layered and chunky look. So we would wait a few seconds to let one area harden and then go back over the spot to make it really layered. When your canvas is all layered up and looking the way you want, you can peel off the stickers carefully and admire your art. <3




That’s it! Easy and fun project! :)

I plan on making another few sets of these for my office one day too. They are just so fun and cute :)

Have you tried these crayon art melts? You should! :)

Have a wonderful day! 


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  1. Awww....You did a great job!
    My favorite part...your cutie-pie helpers!


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