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Monday, February 17, 2014

DIY Repurposed Food Canisters- Empty Oatmeal Cans


We eat lots of oatmeal. Oatmeal comes in these pretty decent sized canisters. I like to save (read hoard) my empty jars and cans for projects. What do you do with empty oatmeal canisters you ask? Cover them in pretty 12x12 sized paper and use the canister for things you use frequently but come in not practical boxes or plastic bags (which just so happen to make the contents spill all over the place when you reach for them!).

Its actually super simple. Find two sheets of 12x12 sized paper that you like, I prefer double sided paper so I can make the coordinating label out of leftover scraps, and cut a bit off the paper so it’s the same height of your canister (measure with the lid of the can off), and hot glue the sized paper to the canister.


You will have a bit of a “naked” spot where the a single 12x12 paper cannot go around completely so this is where your second sheet of patterned paper comes in. Cut your second sheet to the height of your canister, and cut it slightly wider than the “naked” part, so it can easily get glued over the existing paper (more seamless).

When you finish hot gluing your paper on the canister, you can decorate your lid or make a label for your canister. That’s it. :)


I use these canisters All. The. Time. and I’ve made a few more for homemade dry pancake mix, and a lid free version where I put my spaghetti noodle bags (they stay vertical and use less space in my pantry). :)

I love organization. Isn’t it great? ;)

Happy day all!


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