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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DIY Index Recipe Cards- Easy Organization


If you are anything like me, you have a bunch of recipes “saved” all over the place the place, and you can never find the one you are looking for when you need it! I was so annoyed with my lack of organization for recipes, so when I found this recipe box (on clearance- yes!), I knew I wanted to transfer all my recipes into a uniform system. I transferred all my recipes onto 4x6 sized index cards. That worked out much better! After a few weeks of using that system though, it became clear I needed a category section to file my recipes, or else I would have to search my entire recipe stack for ONE easy to miss card that said “Banana bread.” Ha.

I found at the department store, in the office section, a pack of index file cards and I guess that was ok, but the colors were off and lettered by alphabet; that was not going to work.

I came up with a crafty solution-- I made my own filing cards, of course.


Using all scrap paper from my scrap paper stash, I found papers that were at least 5 inches x6 inches wide in medium heavy weight. I went with a rainbow theme. I love rainbow colors; aren’t rainbows so cheerful? I made a template of what I wanted the tabs at the top to look like by punching out a one inch circle and tracing a bit bigger than the circle around it. I made each tab “fan” in a pattern so that I could see the tab in front of it easily. So in total, I made 7 “templates” for my index card files and then made about two or three sets of each file.

For the labeling part I punched out a 12 or so one inch circles out of white cardstock, and cut them in half. I pasted one-half circle tab on each finished index card and labeled the ones I would use right away. I made extra index cards too, so if I want to further break down any existing category, I can easily add to it. Also, the white cardstock tabs are great because I can make a new label anytime I want and not damage the original index card. That’s important if you change your mind all the time, like me. ;)

So by the end of it, all my index recipe cards were 4x6 sized, but I had a little built in tab for each category. :)

Below is a sample of a 4x6 index card alongside of my finished index file cards. They all fit perfectly in my recipe box and they add such a cuteness. ;)


Do you have a great trick to organizing your recipes? I would love to hear!

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  1. I have no tips to organize my recipes; they are written on different cards in my junk drawer or cut out of newspapers in my basket in my kitchen, just waiting to be organized in a super cute box! Love your idea and I should make this a 2014 project!

  2. The initial recipe cards are best. They have a ton of room for writing. I really love to bring the bright strip pattern.


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